Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower

Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower


Black women are often considered angry and divisive in their interactions with others in both public and private. In mainstream feminism, our demand to have both our race and gender considered is called divisive from "all women's issues." In Black political spaces, our desire to have our womanhood considered is called a distraction from the real issue. However, the manner in which Black women have always insisted on their right to dignity, their right to be heard, and their desire to be considered on matters of national import has much to teach us about what makes American democracy work.

Eloquent Rage takes up this politics of critical dissent, asking: How do Black women resist stereotypical portrayals of them angry, aggressive, scary and violent? How do Black women dissent from a national narrative about heterosexual Black intimacy that says we are undesirable, unlovable, and unfit for partnerships or marriages? How do we dissent from religious patriarchy? How do we use our participation in politics to resist the march of fascism? How does our embrace of Beyonce act as a kind of dissent against those who would dismiss as frivolous Black women's pursuit of pleasure and joy? Drawing together her funny, poignant, and often heartbreaking experiences of friendship, family, and intimate relationships, with insights from her career as a professor of women's and gender studies, Cooper writes compellingly about how Black women's critical dissent shows up in the everyday lives of women.

With the election of Donald Trump and the massive step backward this signals for both African Americans and women, Eloquent Rage offers a way forward, one that encourages us all not to be cowed or silenced by fear. It looks to the lives of Black women -- one of the nation's most maligned subjects -- for direction. For it is Black women who model critical dissent as a practice of prophetic love not for who America is, but for who she can be.

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Title:Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower
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    2/20--this is now out! GO GET IT NOW!!I received an advanced copy of this through NetGalley. Views are my own.This is essential reading.This was a powerful, heartbreaking, hilarious, important read. I...

  • Imani406

    My new Bible. Finally a book that puts definition or structure to the internal rage I’ve been feeling as a black women. Thank you Brittney for writing this. ...

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    Confession: Just when I thought that I could not love Brittney Cooper more, she published Eloquent Rage. It took me longer than normal to read this book because it was so raw, so personal, and so full...

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    This book is exceptional brilliance! Professor Brittney Cooper manages to delve into structural inequalities with personal insight and depth that draws the reader in. Especially in this current social...

  • Daniel Casey

    In an prose style both academically serious & yet casually accessible, Cooper gives readers a primer on the deep roots of feminism and how it can, ought to be practiced today. Her tone is at once pers...

  • Mel

    I loved this so much I bought it TWICE. Started listening on audio (narrated by the brilliant author herself) and halfway through went out and bought a hardcover too because I simply couldn't not inve...

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    I am a Stan for this book for life. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO VERSION IF YOU CAN!!!! I have a few books that I listen to regularly, and this will be one of them. ...

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    This is an amazing book. The audiobook version is fantastic, letting Prof. Cooper say what she has to say personally and directly. It was like listening to your most interesting and insightful friend....

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