At seventeen years old, Tenley “Ten” Lockwood had to make the ultimate choice—where to live after she died. Loyalty to her selected realm has not wavered…until now. She is out of time. Sacrifices must be made, and a terrible price must be paid. But is she too late?

As the Everlife descends into darkness, a single truth becomes clear: Troika and Myriad must unite—or perish. In order to bring sworn enemies together, Ten must enter forbidden territory…and destroy the powerful Prince of Ravens. But there’s only one way inside—bonding with Killian Flynn, a deadly rival who sets her blood aflame.

When nothing goes as planned and betrayal leads to the edge of utter defeat, Ten and Killian will have to rebuild trust from the ashes of their hearts. Victory seems impossible, the odds stacked against them. In the end, how far will they be willing to go for the sake of their realms and the Everlife?

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4.4 of 5 stars (Votes: 951)

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    Everlife Reviews

  • Teresa

    W.? T.? F.? Really... 2018 !!!! Now I remember why I should only read completed series. ...

  • Nightheart

    I swear to GOD Tenley Lockwood, if you don't bring back Archer, I'm gonna rip off your arms and beat you to second-death with them.I can't believe I posted that last June. God, that feels like a long ...

  • ?? Naomi

    One smile—and I fall deeper in love with him. One moment of time—and I can’t imagine asingle day without him. One sentence—and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Everlife is such a powerfu...

  • Kayla

    I've completed the trioligy and I feel so complete! This book wasn't as good as the previous novels but it was still so amazing and very emotional....

  • Shelley

    *Source* Edelweiss*Genre* Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy*Rating* 3.5-4*Thoughts*"When a storm comes, the lie will crumble and fall, and only the truth will remain."Everlife is the third installment in ...

  • Teresa

    ***arc provided***The last third of the book got significantly better, though , I’m sure it’s because the bar was set impossibly low by the first half of the book. If I were to rate the last bit o...

  • Cal

    I want this book noooooow!!! ...

  • Beth

    Thank you so much to the publisher and Edelweiss for providing me a copy of this book!!! Great ending to a great trilogy! Gena Showalter really knows how to write multiple characters very well. Her st...

  • melissasbookworld

    It's hard to write a review on a final installment of a series because I have to be even more careful about spoilers now haha.It's hard to write a review on a final installment of a FAVORITE series be...

  • Lisa Mandina

    Can I give more than 5 stars? I loved this one sooooooo much!This was the perfect conclusion to an epic trilogy. Each book has totally blown me away, and this one was no different! I got started a lit...